I've a VERY annoying problem in that my PAD to screen connection is intermittent. There's no consistency in disconnect so I assume it's a physical connection problem with the base connector. Anyone else having this (or had this) problem and if so, how did you solve it?

IMHO this device was a bad buy and has put me off buying another ASUS computer of any description. Great idea, poorly executed and absolutely no support from ASUS whatsoever.

re ASUS support, the Windows 10 section that was online has now dissappeared (again)... A great machine for Win10 and I love the Android PAD facility but neither works consistently. Apart from my screen disconnect problem, there are the display issues on Win10, and on Android, programs such as Amazon Instant Video don't work, none of Microsofts' office (Word, Excel and PPT) work, and I've found many other apps don't run (on Android) as well.

I'm waiting to see what Microsoft and Dell do in a few days when they launch their new Win10 machines (Surface 4 and XPS tablets). Probably opt for one of those and use the ASUS windows base as a normal PC if it works reliably.

Whinge over - bad show ASUS!