Hi there,

I have here a T200TA with Keyboard and HD from a good friend she asked me to repair. Problem was, that she didn't use it for some years and wanted to refurbish now.

After getting the batteries from deep sleep (opening tablet case, taking off battery plug, carefully loading until both had ~3,7 volts, re-plugging, closing and fully loading by cable, the BIOS screen appeared when switching on, but without any possibility to select a boot device. So I put a windows system and all the drivers from ASUS site (Windows 8.1 both) onto an USB stick, switched off secure boot and the like and re-tried booting. I got the usual Windows install screen after a while, but am unable to select any device to install to. In repair options - advanced - command line, I found only the following: 2 partitions of the USB stick (EFI boot and Windows install), the hard disk below keyboard where I won't install, and - if inserted - a SD card.

Are there any hints -- thanks in advance!