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    TP200S likley backlight problems (?)

    Hello and apologies if I put this is in the wrong area as it's not a T200 but is actually a TP200SA-FV0108TS.
    I'm at that point in a diagnosis where I need a little help please

    I'm just born lucky and took it from a friend to sort out a software problem (a lack of diskspace problems in win10 which I've sorted with a fresh install).
    When I turned it on the backlight went (I think), I had seen it working previously when we were together.

    I think it's the backlight as:
    1) It works on connected to an external display, fully into freshly installed windows without a problem
    2) I can faintly see the correct output on the laptops own display when I shine a torch onto it in a dark room.
    3) The touchscreen still works ok, in the sense that it will select things on screen when I've the monitor attached to see the selection happen.
    4) This happens both in windows and also for the BIOS splashsceen so I don't *think* it's a brightness settings but could be wrong.

    But I wanted to check there wasn't something else I'm missing as I can see all kinds of dubious information on sites about key combinations to get it out of coma mode. I presume that's some sleep for the whole machine, rather than the backlight only.

    It's out of warranty and I did notice that one of the cables was slightly pinched by a screw on opening the case (it was out of it's usual pathway). There are two cables going to the screen from the main board and I'm currently presuming that the one with the back light power is the grey connector. Which then goes into a board by the screen (inverter?), Whilst the other one carries data? Am I close?

    I've tried reinserting the grey (power?) cable on the mainboard end. The other connections all seem taped so haven't tried those yet.

    I've attached some photos of:
    • The light pinch on the wire (where I'm pointing the screwdriver to it.
    • The connectors from the board and to the back of the screen, My thumb is pointing to the one I presume is the power, mainly as it's close to a number of capacitors and the incoming battery supply.
    • Back of screen connectors I haven't opened the whole back yet as I'm waiting to get a torx bit so sorry for the odd angles there.

    Is there a source (in the UK) for cables for this as I'd like to try those before. Is this a common problem?
    Are there any other tests/ replacements I can make without replacing the whole screen? Any suggestions on what to try next please?
    I'd be ok to get a small board to test something if that would possibly help diagnose/ test the backlight. I'm not sure if these are standard connectors or not?
    Any idea of how I'd replace the backlight and what I'd need to buy to do so, if that ends up being the answer.

    Lastly apologies if a lot of this is answered here, I'll still continue to look but I'm at that point where I need to check I'm heading down the right road.
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