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    T200TA boot problem

    Hello everyone,
    I bought this device nearly half a year ago and was completely satisfied with my purchase. Everything worked perfect, but one evening I turned it off as always and the next morning I had this problem. So, after pressing power button I can see only black screen(not completely black, I can see light bleed, so it's not turned off) and light near the camera on the front is shining all the time. Nothing more happens. If it is connected to dock station I can hear hard drive turning on etc. Although quick press on power button, when tablet is turned off, to see battery charge - works.
    Some days later after another try to turn it on it started without a problem and I was using the tablet with relief for nearly a week, but now the problem returned and again the same situation
    Although it hadn't been dropped, shaken hardly or something, was just using it at home for browsing, reading and watching videos.
    I've found no info or something about like that on the internet, hope for your help

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    The camera light is always on? That sounds like a Windows Update from last year that caused numerous problems. It didn't like the T200TA hardware. I'm not sure where that topic is, but it's in here somewhere.



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