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    SSD not detected

    Hello, all.

    I bought the T200 particularly because of the ability to install a second hard drive. However, after finally getting around to buying one and installing it, I've found that the tablet does not even recognize anything is there. Nothing shows up in Device Manager or Disk Management. The drive was brand new out of the box. My wife also has a T200 which I got at the same time. I swapped docks with her and no change. I then installed the drive in my desktop and it detected it with no problems. I then tried docking it to my wife's tablet, who's still running Windows 8.1 while I've upgraded to 10. Nothing; which leads me to think it can only one thing: it's a tablet issue.

    I did read in one thread that someone had similar trouble with an Intel drive, but I'm using a Transcend drive. If not all drives are compatible, shouldn't there be a compatibility list somewhere? I can't afford to just keep buying SSDs until I find one that works. In the meantime, does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum

    Any compatibility list here would only be assembled by users posting that "drive x works OK". This is a privately owned user to user forum & is not affiliated with Asus. Asus might have a list, maybe?

    Have you checked the hardware settings to see if you have to "turn on" the drive so it is visible. That is the only thing I can think of - but it might be completely wrong.

    You will find this thread illuminating...SSD size for T200

    There are quite a few comments there that would help...

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    I have had a lot of fun and games over the past couple of months with my T200, which is when I bought it. I purchased an SSD to replace the original HDD but I never managed to get it working. ASUS were blaming SanDisk, SanDisk were blaming ASUS, and on some occasions ASUS informed me I had voided the warranty as I replaced the drive, which is a load of tosh.

    I did try out some other drives, both SSD's and HDD's, with mixed results. I currently have a 240GB SanDisk SSD which seems to be working but I have only had it in for the past couple of days. But I have tried a 480GB SanDisk SSD (the one I actually wanted to use to replace the original one) and that didn't work. I tried another SSD which didn't work either but the make and model escapes me at present. Other HDD's were tried too with mixed success.

    So, I do believe the T200 is not compatible with all drives. Whether the T200 is non-compliant or the drives are is anyone's guess. But it may be good if every could list the drives they have got working in it which will give you an idea what you can buy that should be compatible.



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