Hello people. Happy T200TA owner here, running Windows 8.1 Pro

I'm facing an issue I'd like to share and hopefully solve.

I was disappointed with the Connected Standby functionality. It usually resulted in a complete battery drain overnight for a gazillion different reasons each time. The results from POWERCFG reports were everytime different, but the drain was still there no matter what I tried.
I guess unchecking the "allow windows to shut down this device" on the USB interfaces in the device manager would understandably be a problem to the Connected Standby feature, but I had to do it to prevent my multitouch from behaving erratically after wake/resume...

Long story short, I decided to switch the Connected Standby feature off, by setting the CsEnabled parameter in the registry to 0

This done, I gained more control to the power options, but there is one specific feature which is missing... The good old sleep/standby (S3). The only option available is Hibernate, which is OK, but I'd like to have the possibility to simply set the device in standby when pressing the power button instead of hibernating.

I read somewhere on the interwebs that there was a box to check in the power options/system parameters to enable the sleep feature, but THIS BOX IS MISSING...

here is a screenshot. Sorry the OS is in french.

You can see the only available options are Fast Boot, Hibernate and Lock. NO SLEEP.

I know that connected standby requires specific firmware capabilities which differ from traditional ACPI management, but I couldn't see why my Bay Trail CPU running on a CS-disabled Windows 8.1 would refuse to sleep...

Any clues? Thanks in anticipation.