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    Question about Asus T200 hard drive

    Hi, I have an Asus T200T 64GB with 4GB of RAM without the 500GB HDD. I'm running out of room on my C Drive and have done everything I could to clear space but it's not enough. I'm not too tech savvy and was wondering if I bought an SSD (looking to buy the Samsung 850 EVO 250GB) for the keyboard dock if I could migrate everything (including the C Drive) on the 64 GB EMMC to the SSD and still have the tablet to work. I understand that if I disconnect the tablet from the keyboard dock then I won't have the programs and software on it but I never disconnect it anyways. So my question is it possible for me to transfer everything from the EMMC to the SSD? Will the tablet be able to tell that the SSD is the main drive that I'm using and not the EMMC when I power it on? Thank you for helping out!

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    I dont think that is actually possible specifically because the dock can disconnect from the main tablet where the processor and RAM resides. Seems like a risky situation to me.

    What you can do is offload some of your programs onto the external drive, either HDD or SSD when you install them.
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    I'm fairly certain it can't be done. I think the dock drive is considered as removable storage and you can't normally use removable storage as your primary boot. You could with a USB drive but the storage would be very limited there too because it must be FAT32 for the boot partition. That would also be very slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsusDan View Post
    So my question is it possible for me to transfer everything from the EMMC to the SSD? Will the tablet be able to tell that the SSD is the main drive that I'm using and not the EMMC when I power it on? Thank you for helping out!
    Nope, Asus has "diddled" with the firmware so that Windows "sees" the keyboard dock as a "Removeable" USB device. I've been griping/going back and forth on this issue for awhile with them. Also, if you install an SSD? Windows will not "See" it as an SSD and will treat it as if it were a regular HDD.

    Part of the reason they did this (IMO) is because they wanted to "trick" the system/OS into seeing their Hynix emmc chip as an SSD, which it is not, and it doesnt support trim though windows will go through the motion. Another negative effect of their having done this is that Windows will not "see" S.M.A.R.T." drives which sort of defeats their purpose.

    What you can do is simply install nothing but the OS on the C: drive, and then set all apps to install on the keyboard drive (TIP: Set the drive letter to X or Z if you plug in any other drives, pen drives, DVD etc, because it can take a moment for the bootup to "See" the drive in the keyboard, and the drive letter "could" be changed with will hose all your apps and programs)


    In fact, this "device" is what ASUS has named the internal dock in the keyboard and it cannot be removed.
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