I had similar problem as described in thread "Asus T200TA stuck on boot or can't login" - the tablet after six months (I bought it in October 2014) of almost non-problematic working, got stuck on boot with CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED BSOD (rebooting loop). I tried everything to solve the problem like boot in safe mode, refresh (which didn't work because of low disk space) installation, but at the end I was happy that I could copy my files from OS partition (which use BitLocker encryption) to external disk. I had some important stuff on it and I use tablet primarily for school, so xcopy command was my "life saver". After that I had to reset complete installation which removed all installed programs - just like format. I'm disappointed a little bit, because I lost few hours to install everything again and I somehow trusted tablet that will be available everywhere I need it.

Now I have another problem with keyboard layouts - like described here:

My trust in ASUS is getting low, so I hope ASUS Support will somehow help me to resolve this issue, because in the other case I will have to change tablet to something more trustworthy.

Thanks in advance to community members for any help on the topic with keyboard layout and ASUS Support to help me with the other issue that probably appeared because of drivers or something related to SW/HW communication!