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Thread: T200 vs T100

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    T200 vs T100

    The title says it all. I bought a T100TAM just after Christmas and the 30 day return period will soon be running out. While I do like the T100, I am finding the keyboard and screen a bit too small. I have gotten better at typing on the cramped keyboard, but it is still a challenge. And the small screen is fine in tablet mode when holding the screen closer to my face. But in laptop, with the screen further away, it can be a challenge, especially with my 50 something eyes, lol...

    I've read a lot about the T200. The battery life is somewhat less. But there is a version with w/ 4 GB RAM. And the keyboard dock can hold an extra HD or SSD wo/ voiding the warranty. But the T200 does not seem to be anywhere near as popular as the T100. The performance between the two is nearly identical, based on reviews.

    I'd like to hear feedback from T200 owners, especially those who also have had the T100. Of course, in the end, I am the one who must make the decision.

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    I have had both the T100 and I now own the T200TA. I personally like the T200 much better as I am a 6'5" 240lb full time student with hands that look like bunches of bananas hanging off my wrists and believe me it does have a much much nicer keyboard, and it is just so much easier to type on, and at the same time the portability is great for using it while I am out on service calls.
    While the extra hard drive slot in the bottom of the dock is great, it is only useful while the device is docked, but for extra storage that's always on the tablet, the micro SD card slot makes that possible.
    The hinge is a lot better, and it is much easier to dock, and of course the screen is bigger, while this is a plus in "laptop mode" it makes for a kind of a bulky tablet, it weighs about 2 lbs. or so.
    With the 4gb of ram it is great for playing games, and it still runs pretty snappy so it can handle a full Intel System Studio setup, and Visual Studio with no problems at all so far. oh yeah and I think the wifi range seems to be better as well
    Hope this helps,
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    My view on the two devices is this...
    The T100 is successful because of its price, & compact size/functionality mix, but if you want bigger (larger screen & keyboard) & more flexible - say with more RAM and the ability to go with a larger DIY upgrade of a SSD in the dock, then go with the T200
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    Couldn't agree more with janner43 , the T200 is a better choice for you due to it's size, more ram, better keyboard the DIY drive in the dock. If you want something small with a full os, T100 is pretty much it, if your looking for bigger size reasons, then definitely the T200, I have both as well, and for me smaller size with more functionality matters, although both have the same processors but the ram size makes hell alot of a difference, I humbly agree. I gave mine to my brother cause he loved the T100, but wished the keyboard and screen would be slightly bigger plus more ram hence I gave him the T200, but like I said, as much as I would love the T100 to have 4GB ram, I preferred it more simply because, I have used and still own larger laptops in the past, and now seek something smaller, lighter and much more compact, with full OS hence compromised the size, cramped keyboard, ram for it, but it all comes down to you how you see it basically .
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    I managed to break my T100, If I hadn't I wouldn't have bought the T200.

    Almost went for another T100 because of the price, but I'm glad I went for the T200, mainly for the reasons already mentioned by others (Also for the supposed GPS, but that don't love me at all, I was hoping that might be a sweet bonus!)

    The charging of the T200 is miles better than the T100, which is sort of a bit disappointing, I liked the idea of USB charging the T100, it was so slow to charge though.

    The T200 is also noticeably heavier. That's the biggest downside for me so far (apart from the *#$%^$#&g Broadcom GNSS not working as I'd hoped..!)
    The Increased screen size outweighs this for me, I'm hitting 50 and a 10" Screen is a bit too small at higher resolutions for general use with my eyes.

    Speed-wise I haven't noticed any difference, I'm not a gamer though.

    I'm pretty interested in the T100CHI for my kids to use. Too high a resolution to be comfortable for me, but powerful enough while being very portable for my kids and their schoolwork They're a bit more expensive than the T100TA, which are adequate for school stuff, but the added power should mean games play a bit better for them.

    Hope my ramble helps!

    edit: Ha ha. I didn't notice you had old eyes too OP. Trade your T100 and Get the T200, you won't regret it.
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