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    ASUS T200TA Replacement AC Adapter

    To anyone like me who struggled and toiled day and night to find an AC Adapter to fit the ASUS T200TA, this post is for you.

    I would recommend to you to purchase aforementioned AC Adapter from this site, Yes, it is expensive and yes, freight costs will jack the cost of the adapter up significantly (it cost me 40 to buy the UK adapter including freight). BUT, you get a genuine adapter (it looks identical to the one originally supplied) and it works perfectly.

    Sites I would NOT NOT NOT recommend you go to are those websites that rank highly on Google, yet have too many good reviews in too short a time (they will remain nameless to protect the innocent). Stick to Asus Parts, they are reputable.

    I would usually never write a post like this, but the time and effort it cost me to find even a non-genuine charger, let alone a genuine charger, for the T200 compelled me to write this. It feels like nowhere on the internet sells chargers for the T200. On that subject, if anyone knows any other sites you can buy T200TA chargers from, I'd be grateful if you could post and let me know.

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    I've lurked on this forum for a while to get some tips and help for my t200 and was discouraged when I also had trouble locating a spare ac adapter for it after my initial purchase. Then about a week ago my T200 fell off the bed onto the plug and bent it pretty good. It still charges but I decided to bite the bullet and try my luck.

    Thankfully it seems to have paid off, I bought this one and no trouble so far, it charges up just fine, and i honestly prefer this design to the big block right at the wall version that my t200 came with.

    I'll update if I end up having any issues down the road.



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