I am an Italian guy who bought a T101HA on Amazon a year ago. The device was bought for work.
Some days ago I noticed that the battery was completely down (I left the Transformer in standby). So I plugged in the charger and reboot the device.
The Transformer was unable to complete the Windows boot. If I remember well it was a blue screen of death.
I did not went mad, as I had a USB with a Windows recovery (already did it in the past).
The problem was that the recovery was unable to boot the device.
I formatted the 64GB disk and tried to reinstall Windows from scratch but no luck (it copies files, prepare, reboot then remains stuck. If I reboot with power button, at thr restart it says that the istallation failed and must be done again)
So, after a couple of days, I tried with a Linux on USB. The only one that made me wish for a progress was Fedoora MATE, that boots but its unable to finish (I cannot have a bash to work with).
Do you have any idea/experience on that?
How much cost to change the whole motherboard? Is it difficult? I opened an Ipad once but was a mess.

Thanks in advance.