Hi everyone,

Have spent quite a while trying to get the touchpad drivers working correctly with the T101HA. The touchpad was still working fully with gestures when I first bought the laptop last week but had stopped working after an update to Windows to either 1809 or 1903.

I followed all proper procedures online (installing latest ATK, then smart gesture etc), have tried the alternative PTP drivers that are officially offered on the T101HA support page and have tried the solutions offered by ivanrf but to no avail. I just reinstalled windows and repeated the steps but still can't get it to work.

Manually updating the drivers through device manager, "Asus Touchpad" simply causes the touchpad to stop functioning at all while "Asus Support Device" functions only until a reboot. For now, the Microsoft default HID mouse driver lets the touchpad work but with no gestures.

If I could get some help on this issue/anyone else facing it, that'd be great.