After resetting the transformerbook it got stuck at 40% and i turned it off and on after that the whole thing wouldn't boot in windows anymore i've tried to make with Rufus a 32bit windows 10 . windows 8 , usb boot but it wouldn't let me boot into the usb stick.

i've also tried different partition scheme's like GPT partition scheme for UEFI and MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI but both won't work i've viewed every post on the asus T101HA to find a solution but i still haven't found a solution
i also tried to disable quick boot and secure boot but both wont work either in the bios i also tried to find the EFI on the boot usb but it says nothing found.
it looks like the bios is blocking every OS i tried.

also i got the transformerbook as a gift but with no receipt and i can't get the receipt because the person who gave it to me also got it as a gift from a friend.

i hope someone can help me.
Thank you,