Hello everyone and thanks for welcoming me to this forum.

I have a T100TA which I use mainly on stage (Setlist and Chords). So I use it mainly as a tablet but sometimes I need the dock.
The display glass (including touch) was broken some time ago and I replaced it.
Afterwards everything was working fine except for the following:

When I boot the PC, the keyboard and touchpad are not working.
After a short while (1-2 minutes - until screen turns black/switches off) without touching anything the keyboard and touchpad are working fine.
If I do something in between (e.g. enter password via touch screen) neither keyboard nor touchpad will work before the screen turns black.
In device manager I see the error "unknown usb device (port reset failed)" twice.
Similar behavior when I disconnect the working dock and reconnect it. I have to wait until screen switches off.
Strange thing: The internal HDD is always working properly, but the USB-Port is working only if the keyboard and touchpad is working.
All this happens if USB configuration is set to xHCI in BIOS. (Keyboard doesn't work in BIOS)

When I switch USB configuration to EHCI in BIOS everything is working properly from the beginning. Both in BIOS and Windows.
But now there is the problem that computer freezes as soon as I try to unplug the dock.

I really don't understand what is happening here. Why is it working in EHCI and why is it working after a display standby in xHCI?
It seems that the PC does some kind of a device/port (?) reset as soon as the screen switches off.
Does someone has a hint for me? Could the replacement touch screen (not the display) be the problem?