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    Creating a windows media box from a t100ta (powering the board without battery

    Hey guys and gals, I doubt this is very possible but I figure I would ask, has anyone managed to get this unit to boot without a battery? The reason I ask is that I'm attempting to use the mainboard from an old dead unit (physical damage) to make a windows media box and possibly a hackintosh media box as I've heard there is a great success in booting OSX on this unit,

    Problem being that lack of battery on this unit is a problem, I've connected a USB cable straight to the battery pins, of the 6 pins, the far left 2 are ground, the far right 2 are positive, I've bridged both of each of them to positive and negative on the USB cable, this alone gives me the orange flashing led and a low battery indicator on the tv through HDMI, I've then taken the 2 wires in the middle left over (battery level indicator wires) and put the one closest to the left to ground and the one on the right to positive, this gives me the white flashing light, with no display what so ever, bridging the battery indicator wires does nothing different to the first results (orange flash with low battery indicator) and crossing the left and right wires over (left to positive on the right, right to negitive on the left) just shorts out the board

    Basically I need to come up with some way to trick the board into thinking its got 100% charge and booting up, on most other tablet boards, this just happens when you run the battery connector to a standard 5v wall charger, the unit just always displays 100% and charging, sadly as every owner of this unit knows, charging is a d*ck on a good day with this unit, let alone with the crap I'm attempting, any advice here in terms of getting it to boot?

    Thanks guys!

    Photo of the connection to the battery:

    The 2 middle wires are the battery level indicators.
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