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    Asus T100HA Sound problem: sometimes Distortion/Crackling

    I have a strange problem. I formatted harddisk and installed newest Windows 10 from ISO/USB. Installed all new drivers from Asus supportpage, Soc Driver, Realtek driver, Wifi, ATK, etc... even BIOS Update. When I want to watch a movie my sound is sometimes kind of distorted. Most times it works, but if I close the video and reopen it, the sound gets distorted. Pausing does not help. I have to close the video player or browser 1x, 2x or even 3x times til my sound is working again. Even if I use "test sound" win8-sound-02.jpg 3 of 5 times sound is crackling.

    I reinstalled all drivers.. older ones, newer ones. De/Re/Installed ICE Sound Tools, Realtek Software, de/activated Hardware Accleration, Exclusive Mode, Sound Effects... no help :/
    I have two sound devices: Intel SST Audio Device and Realtek I2S
    Any suggestions how to solve this problem?

    ASUS T100HA, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Win 10 x64
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