Hello. I bought a used Asus T100TAF that is in excellent physical condition. However, it's a puzzle and I need help.

Someone updated it to Windows 10. The machine would initially boot to the Windows login screen, but I did not have the password.

Because apparently of the Windows 10 upgrade, the F2, F9, and power+volume down buttons don't seem to do anything. I was able to get into bios somehow at some point, at which pointI deleted the security keys in bios.

The machine now boots to the "Preparing BitLocker Recovery" screen. I do not have the BitLocker password. It then locks the drive.

I cannot use any Windows restore or recovery options. They all error out because the drive is encrypted. I can however get to the command prompt.


1) Can I just use Diskpart to blow out certain partitions, in order to then do some sort of Windows 8 restore? If yes, which partitions?

2) Is the hard drive removeable? Can I just buy and install another hard drive, and then install Windows 7 or 10 from a flash drive onto the new drive?

3) Would updating the bios solve anything?

4) Possible to boot Hiren's boot USB, use gparted to erase the partitions, then install windows 7 or 10 from a flash drive onto the now blank T100?