Hello and thanks for all the good info here. I just purchased a used T100TAM, 32gb, Windows 8.1, BIOS v204. Here's my first set of questions.

I'm new to Win8.1 and any computer with a preinstalled version of Windows, I've almost always done a clean install to a bare drive and have never gotten a Windows Restore to work in the past.

Just for practice, I've been playing around with file and Windows management. It took me a few tries to get Windows Update to work at all, and I'm repeatedly getting an "internal server error" from both Chrome and Firefox. The tablet also had only 2gb left, so I got up to 5gb free space using CCleaner. There are still large files taking up space.

I want to refresh the computer to clean out any lingering crud from the former owner, but I'm a bit confused about the order of things.

Do I:
-retrieve product keys for Windows and Office
-update the BIOS using WinFlash from Asus
-refresh Windows using Advanced Setup options
-download & install Windows Updates
-download & install Asus updates using Asus Live Update
-install software. I don't understand the Symbolic Link issue, I've been installing software to the SDcard and don't see why I need to create a SymLink.

Or is there a different order to the Refresh process to clean off this tablet? As long as I see a Refresh option in Windows, do I need to be concerned as to whether I have that extra recovery partition that some models have or whether it's part of that giant chunk of the 32gb I don't have access to?

thanks in advance!