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Thread: T100 - Driver Booster 3 - hosed drivers

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    T100 - Driver Booster 3 - hosed drivers

    I'm sorry for posting this here if this does not belong here but I am at a loss....I recently installed Driver Booster 3 on my fiancee's Asus T100TA-B1-GR and tried to update its drivers and set it up for some lightweight gaming and it completely destroyed the drivers.

    Sound does not work anymore.
    Touch Display does not work anymore.
    Video/Graphics card is MISSING!!! and I can't seem to find it anymore...I have tried almost everything save for the factory reset, but I'm scared it won't do anything because it originally came with windows 8.1 and now we upgraded to windows 10.

    Can anyone please help? I would appreciate it IMMENSELY!

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    Welcome to the forum Tony, sorry you're experiencing this catastrophe! My technical knowledge is limited, but I don't see an alternative to a factory reset. Hope I don't sound glib, but it doesn't seem that it could get any worse.
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    If you can still access ASUS site get all the drivers from there win 10 and some of the older 8.1 drivers sre the only one that will work reliably.
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    Moved to T100 Help.
    Thread title changed to something more descriptive.

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    Have you tried reverting Windows using the Windows System Protection to the last known good configuration or to a date prior to the installation of the tool that hosed it? Or, have you tried going into the Device Manager and rolling back the drivers on each of the drivers in question?

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    Install the ATK package and Intel chipset (SOC) driver from the Asus support page for the t100ta.

    Using a 3rd party installer for drivers like 'Driver Booster' is typically not reccomended as they can sometimes produce the effect you have described. Good news is that it's probably an easy fix to revert things back.

    I don't know much about Driver Booster but a lot of these 3rd party applications disguise malware or adware so you may want to pursue a malware scan of your system after you uninstall the program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gtanner00 View Post
    ....Using a 3rd party installer for drivers like 'Driver Booster' is typically not reccomended as they can sometimes produce the effect you have described......

    Similar problem @
    T100TA - Black Screen After Windows Anniversary Update
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    Rule of thumb is never EVER use non OEM driver update tools on any computer.

    As mentioned above, that's the best way to allow infections and malicious content into the PC.
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