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    Unhappy overheating, battery drain, charging issue and blue screen of death bsod

    Hello! I'm Andrea from Italy and I'm an happy asus ta-t100 user i bet for almost 2 years, I love this small computer and I use it as my main PC for many hours a day, in the last week I started having some troubles:

    - the computer drains battery very fast (as 12% in 30 minutes, just surfing the web, no flash, low light)
    - the computer won't go in standby if I close the screen (I hear facebook notification coming from my bag)
    - I think there are problems while charging the pc, in particular it seems it won't charge while in use (using original charger and original cable, the same I used till now) I left the pc ON (totally charged and plugged in to a socket) for a night and the morning after the battery was at 8%
    - the bottom right part (let's say where there is the windows clock) gets overheated without intensive activities (word processing or surfing the web)
    - I'm experiencing many BSOD

    I want to add that I did nothing new in last days, no new driver, updates or software... Just have no idea how to solve this, do you have any suggestion?
    Thank you very much, Andrea.

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    Have you tried scanning for viruses or malware? It's possible a rogue bit of code could be running rampant.

    You could also try to reinstall the operating system, in the hopes there is something wonky with Windows causing the issue.



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