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    Recording Lectures/Podcasts with Transformer


    I bought a USB mic for lecture/podcast recording. It is an ATR 2100. It sounds really good with my desktop computer using Audacity. With my Transformer, the quality isn’t near as good.

    Is this because the audio card on my desktop is better than the audio card in the Transformer? Is there anything I can do to make it sound better with the Transformer?


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    If you're connecting the mic through the USB connection, then no the differences in sound cards is not the problem. The mic isn't using a sound card through the USB connection.

    What is most likely happening, is that you have not gone into the Windows sound mixer settings and adjusted the microphone input gain level adjustment on the T100 and/or the Sound settings mixer is set to record multiple input sources and is picking up unintended noise from one of those other inputs, such as the T100's mic input jack. All sound input sources are typically selected by default in Windows, because most users don't know how to select the particular input source that they want to record sound from and by having them all enabled PC manufacturers avoid complaints of people saying they can't record audio or some sound input device isn't working. Case in point, The USB connector is a different sound input/output source and is not part of the T100's sound card than the 1/8" microphone input/output but you were able to record sound. The T100 also has a built in microphone, chances are in Audacity if you have the USB mic disconnected you will be able to record sound. That is because ALL the input sources are enabled and are being mixed together by the Windows sound settings mixer, so you are getting multiple sources of audio inputs which includes the noise added by any of the other audio input sources. You need to configure the Windows sound settings and/or Audacity so that it is ONLY recording the Sound Input from your ATR 2100 microphone, and if there's an input gain adjustment for the mic's input level, you need to set that properly also.

    One of the main purposes of a sound card, is to convert Analog audio signals to Digital Audio signals (AtoD Conversion) when recording and to convert Digital audio signals to Analog audio signals (DtoA Conversion) when playing back. You're going directly into a digital USB connector, which means the microphone has an A to D converter on it, and a sound card is not needed. Which also means you should have no sound difference between the T100 and your desktop computer. Which therefore points to the next step in the signal chain which is typically the Windows Sound Mixer settings and/or Sound Driver settings.

    You may also be able to do this another way directly in Audacity as well. I'm not familiar enough with Audacity because I use Sound Forge. However, the principles are the same. The ATR 2100 likely had to install a device driver for it to be recognized as an available sound device. Within Audacity there should be a preference setting which lets you select the Audio "device" type. This by default is typically set to "Microsoft Sound Mapper" ie this is the Windows Sound Settings mixer that I indicated likely needs to be configured so that it is only has the input of the ATR 2100 enabled for recording. In the Audacity preference settings, there should be a selection in there to select the recording device and the playback device. For your recording device, select the ATR 2100 Sound Device. Selecting this will bypass the Windows Sound Mixer and directly connect to the ATR 2100 and therefore is only recording the ATR 2100 mic input.
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