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Thread: Uni supplied BIOS protected TF100 - can I wipe & install fresh Win 8?

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    Guyz, our IT department is full of dumb guyz, don't give them more credit than they deserve, I'm sure they left a lot of gaping hole because they too underestimate my student powers , I need to try stuff, tell me how to start! I'm familiar with PC, did so many windows installs on my computer, up to windows 7, I'm not familiar with this transformer book or windows 8 however, that's the problem! can you plz tell me how to bring the boot device menu while starting up? and how to check if I have a built in restore?

    P.S. I also fear that they might spying on me, the camera light flashes every time i restart or shut down, is it a routine flash that has nothing to do with the camera?

    Thank you.
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    Please don't be offended but it's really hard to take you seriously. Everything you're asking "how to do" is well documented in these forums. You just need to do a little searching. The purpose of the light next to the camera is well documented too but if you're paranoid about "them watching you"... as suggested in these forums a piece of tape works wonders. Seriously

    To reset your entire system (assuming your school hasn't altered the recovery partition), search on "remove" then select "Remove everything and reinstall Windows".
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    I completely agree with Rick above, If you know about Windows 7, it's basically similar not much has changed apart from the GUI in Windows 8.1, however the 'ESC' key during boot will bring up the Boot Selection Menu. For recovery if they haven't altered, Move mouse all the way to the right for Charms bar > Settings > Change PC Settings > Update & Recovery > Recovery > Remove everything and reinstall Windows, in the Recovery menu you will have all what you need.

    My second post on this thread, covers all your other questions with direct links to the threads in a nutshell too to get you started, again as I said before, you need to read and go through those links with what people have done to understand better which will help you and lastly use search it's the best tool on these forums.
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    One of the big changes from Win7 to Win8 is the OS support for portable devices, which includes having some "Reset" recovery options which is exactly what you need right now.

    What you're looking to access is the "Advanced Startup Options". You indicated earlier, you don't have admin rights, which probably means you might not be able to access the Advanced Startup Options screen once you're logged in.

    No problem. Here's 6 methods to access the "Advanced Startup Options" and once you're there, you can perform a reset which uses the T100's built in recovery partition to reset the PC to a Factory state, as if you just purchased the T100. Some of these methods include not having to log in.

    How To Access Advanced Startup Options in Windows 8 or 8.1

    I believe you can use Method #1. Where on the Login Screen there is a Power button on the lower right of the touch screen. If you press and hold the Power button, you will see the "Restart" option appear.

    I also believe you may be able to press and hold the "F9" and then Press the Power Hard button to boot and it will bring you into the Advanced startup as well. This is specific to Asus devices.

    Even if you fail to startup properly a couple times in a row, as in boot up, then hold your power button down to force a shut down, then Win8 will boot you into the advanced startup options screen.

    So there's a lot of ways to get there, but that's what you're looking for "Advanced Startup Options".

    Once you're in advanced start up press Troubleshoot -> Reset Your PC.
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