So first I had my computer and it was working wonderfully. Then it slid off the end of the bed. The only visible damage was a slight dent near the power button. Since my computer wasn't turning on, we opened it up and found that the only problem was the power button not connecting. We fixed that and closed it up. At first it was working great but then problems revealed themselves. Now my computer charges ridiculously slow. After charging it for at least 24 hrs, I go to turn it on and it says something about my computer not having capacity to log me on. I wait another 12 hrs, while charging it, and then go to turn it on. This time when I click the on button nothing happens. I hold it down for power off and slide down on the screen but then it lets me do the same action again and again. Now, it is in this help mode with a blue background that says your computer will not turn on. It trys to fix it but can't I have tried refreshing and restoring to last point but nothing is working.
Please help me, I need this computer for school.