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Thread: Unresponsive touchscreen

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    If possible I would like to troubleshoot and fix my unresponsive screen problem tonight.
    I have read the entire thread but don't see an apparent solution.

    I currently have Win 8.1 installed on my T100TAF.

    When I go into Device Manager and look at Sensors
    I see for each of the four items:

    "Currently this hardware is not connected to the computer (Code 45).
    To fix this problem reconnect this hardware to the computer"

    Do you think this is my problem and if it is, how do I "connect the hardware"?
    What hardware are they talking about?
    My Screen is connected to the keyboard already.

    I updated my BIOS yesterday from 207 to 212.

    Just updated my chipset driver.
    Now the Sensors all show working properly.

    Touch screen still does not work though.

    Under HID touch screen, it says device is working properly.
    But obviously it is not.
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    Hi -- I've no solution, I'm afraid; I'm just inquiring if you found one. I have exactly the same problem with my T100TA. If you do have a fix, would you share it please? Thanks!

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    This is a Windows problems that affects many tablets, including my T100Ha on Windows 10. My solution was to create a batch file that will disable then enable the drivers, or you can do it manually via Device Manager. For my T100HA, I created a batch file called touchscreen.bat with these lines in it:

    set "touchscreenid=ACPI\VEN_SIS&DEV_0457"
    devcon status "%touchscreenid%" | findstr "running"
    if %errorlevel% == 0 (
    devcon disable "%touchscreenid%"
    ) else (
    devcon enable "%touchscreenid%"
    set "HIDdeviceid=HID\VID_0B05&PID_1807&MI_01&Col03 "
    devcon disable "%HIDdeviceid%"
    devcon enable "%HIDdeviceid%"

    The errorlevel checking doesn't seem to do much and you can probably remove that. It works 90% of the time, but occasionally it won't and a reset is necessary.
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