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    UK user and couple of questions regarding T100, TA ver.


    Black Friday's on his way and I am about to buy smth for myself. I was thinking tablet would do, but I found out info about T100 went I was going off the tube so here I am to ask politely about couple, well a dozen of questions bout T100.

    I am interested in T100TA (up to 2.39 ghz new Bay Trail cpu ver.) 64 gb space.

    1. How much space is left after windows is installed?
    2. How long may I use the battery while wahentching yt/surfing and reading pdf/office at the same time ? up to 10 hours ???? How bout the gaming then?
    3. Is League of Legends playable so that I can play it on low and get some results ? (I know, i know its not the right section, but why not to ask ?)

    Most important for me is to be able to use it smoothly (no lags/crashes) WHILE:

    - 4/5 web pages are open
    - office is open
    - adobe reader is open
    - yt is open along with hd or fhd video.

    Is 2gbs of ram/cpu enough to handle this or not really?

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    Welcome to the forum

    We do try to keep things pretty organised here otherwise we would get hundreds of threads asking the same questions.

    So let me point you towards the answers to your questions as they are already well covered on the forum...
    1) In my signature, below you will find a link to T100 FAQs - in that section you will find threads that cover the majority of your questions. EG the FAQ thread lists free space on a 32gb model as 10.2gb before the installation of any apps / programmes.
    2) As far as your game question is concerned, please visit our T100 Gaming section and check out the threads there. When it comes to searching here, you'll find it useful to follow the guide on "how to search on this forum" again linked from my signature.

    As far as your RAM question goes, you will find out two things... firstly, the RAM is not user upgradeable and secondly, as long as you don't expect to run a full HD video editing suite while trying to download some large file, you'll probably find the RAM is acceptable. But bear in mind that this is essentially a mobile device that can do a lot with its full desktop OS - but it isn't a full blown desktop machine.

    With that, and an encouragement to feel free to post subsidiary questions / discussion points in the many related & active threads to your questions that already exist here, I will close this thread now.

    All the best, thanks for understanding & again, a warm welcome.

    PLEASE Search for existing threads before posting a new one. Thanks.

    Your opinion matters. But should you disagree - please try not to be disagreeable

    Forum guide - here ~~ T100 FAQs - here ~~ Cold boot - here

    Adobe Flash Player & Browser Guide here

    Master Help Guide - here ~~ FAQ malware - here ~~ FAQ e-reading - here
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