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    Questions about the T100 for people who own it...

    I'm going to pick up the T100TA model here in France via Amazon. Since it's been out for a while I did what I always do when I buy a device, I look up the device and the words problems, bugs, etc. So, just curious after finding this forum about certain things with this hybrid tablet...
    1. Is there a particular intel chip version that's got problems? I'm looking at the Z3775 because it's the fastest.
    2. How does the device handle the flash 32GB memory and the 500GB or 1TB HDD? Does it see them as C and D drives? Can apps be installed on the 500GB HDD or MUST they be installed on the 32GB flash storage?
    3. Any limit to the size of microSD card that can be used?
    4. Is it true that there are no cases, not even those two part leather ones on Amazon, that can hold the bigger HDD version of the keyboard dock?

    The only problem I currently have with my Dell Venue 8 Pro is the limitations of only having 32GB on the tablet. Which after Windows and some app store apps, is less than 10GB free. Even with an additional microSD card, there's not much room left because the apps can't be installed to the microSD in Win8.1. So, I really like the idea of having the 500GB model for installing programs. But it occurs to me now that I'll have to be very careful what I install on the HDD because when the keyboard's not there, neither will those programs. Some idea for how you guys use the storage would be great.


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    Welcome to the forum

    In my signature, below, you will find two links...
    1) A guide on how to search the forum - you will find that all your questions have already been asked many times and are thoroughly covered in other popular threads.

    For example, one of these includes a general "chit chat" thread about the Z3775 model that you reference.
    Your experience with space limitations on your Dell are going to be exactly the same on a 32gb T100.

    2) The second link is to the T100 FAQs section which contains guides on pretty much everything else you have mentioned including installation of apps elsewhere than the internal 32gb internal partition.

    Finally, we have a T100 accessories section which covers a plethora of case options.

    Because we try very hard to keep this forum well organised, with those general pointers to you I am going to ask you to please search/browse for threads that are already current that cover your questions & then please post any subsidiary questions in those threads. Also, because the models of T100 available vary greatly from country to country, please include your national location in your profile. It will greatly help when members reply to your subsequent posts in the already active threads.

    You might also check out the guide thread on the various models available in the various geographic areas of the world - also found in the Guides section.

    Having given you those pointers I will now close this thread & thank you in advance for understanding that we would have thousands of threads asking and answering the same questions if we didn't take this approach.

    All the best & again a warm welcome.

    PLEASE Search for existing threads before posting a new one. Thanks.

    Your opinion matters. But should you disagree - please try not to be disagreeable

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