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    Cannot System Recovery

    My friend has a 64GB version of the T100...same as mine.

    He has an issue a lot of times when he boots the computer...there is a spot (about 1/4 from the right side of the screen and 1/4 from the top of the screen) where it looks like the screen is being repeatedly tapped (you know the little expanding and contracting circle you see when you touch the screen). You cannot do anything when this is happening, so he has to power off and back on (multiple times on most occasions) until it works normally.

    I helped him install the latest BIOS to see if that did not.

    So, the next thing I want to do is a system restore (which will tell us whether it is a software issue or a hardware issue...if it continues after a restore, it is a hardware issue).

    Right after he got the computer, I helped him use Backtracker to backup the recovery partition to a USB drive and delete the recovery partition, following the instructions provided by ASUS. I had already performed the same on my T100.

    So, we go to restore today, and Backtracker keeps telling me to insert media, and when I insert the USB, it states 'The media inserted is not valid'. I checked the USB drive and it seems to be fine and the files all seem to be there. I even broke my USB drive out and tried it, with the same results. Nothing else is on these drives, they were both purpose bought to backup the restore files and recovery the partition space.

    Does anyone know what gives? Has this been normal behavior with Backtracker?

    Does anyone have suggestion about how to proceed with a restore, if I cannot use this?

    Also, has anyone seen this issue with the screen?
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