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    Asus Transformer T100TA internet problems

    I bought this "2-in-1" in February and was excited to start using it - I'm writing a book and this would let me take it on the road and write anywhere, without schlepping around my bigger laptop. I don't like the touchscreen thing so I had our "computer guru" change it to resemble as much as possible the old Windows look. He set it up, made sure everything was A-OK, etc.

    At the time, we had Verizon DSL and both the Asus and my Dell laptop were often slow and worse, we had frequent disconnects from the internet, where I'd have to go reset the modem. This happened increasingly over the past 6 months. Finally, we switched to Comcast for phone and internet (no TV in this house) and have had no problems with internet disconnects, which is great.

    However, while my Dell has sped up considerably (we have the plan that promises 25 mbps), the Asus Transformer runs at about 3 or 4 mbps. The modem/gateway/whatever they call it is in the living room, next to our desktop computer -- where the Verizon modem used to be-- and the Comcast guy assured me that it would reach to the bedroom. (We have a small condo.) And the fact is, the Dell runs fine in the bedroom, but the Asus is barely usable in the bedroom - I have to move it much closer to the modem to be able to use the internet. I use it mostly for Word but still, it would be nice to have the internet run!

    Our computer guru (a guy who's been helping my family with our computer troubles for about 5 years now and is extremely, extremely smart) thinks that perhaps the Asus's internal antenna is screwed up. (I don't really understand what this means; I'm moderately computer-savvy but definitely not at his level.) He says it's definitely the Asus, and not Comcast, since the Dell runs speedily in the bedroom while the Asus doesn't. I'm kind of at my wit's end as to what to do. I dread getting into a big thing with calling Asus because from my experience, these techs that you can call usually have only a superficial understanding of what the problem is that you're describing, much less the knowledge of how to solve it, and it's extremely frustrating to talk to them.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem with the Transformer T100TA and what they did about it. I would be soooo grateful if someone could suggest something to try! Thanks! (And you can be as technical as you want because I'll just forward responses to our beloved I.T. guy) :-)

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    Ask your tech guy if he's tried other Asus T100 network drivers? There's five or six available I think. He can download them from

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    You might want to look into a repeater - it might help spread the coverage as it sounds like you could use something like that. Check with your tech guy. This one is by Asus and after rebate is only $5.99 !! :

    30 June, 2014 73340 PM PDT.png

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    Going to need to get in to a lot more depth. Download something like InSSIDer (google it, its pay-for now, but older versions are free). Load it up on your dell and your Asus. See what kind of signal strength your network is getting on both machines at the same location. Run speedtest on both machines at the same location and then located closer to the modem/router. Check to see with InSSIDer if the router is running 2.4GHz only, or if is running 5GHz. See how many surrounding networks you have. Try playing with the driver settings in the network adapter properties to change the speed settings. Try a/b/g 20/40MHz, try 20MHz only or any other combination.

    Its possible that your router is running a 2.4 and 5GHz network and the dell is connected on 2.4GHz and your Asus is connecting to 5GHz and is getting poor signal in your bedroom (5GHz does not penetrate well). Or it could be reversed and you have a ton of 2.4GHz networks around you crushing your wifi at a distance...but your dell is connecting to 5GHz and that is why it is working well.

    Dozens of variables and only one is bad antenna connection in the T100. If it was messed up you are unlikely to be able to connect at any real distance. If I disconnect the antennas on my wifi access point my signal strength goes from about -25dBm at 3ft to -75dBm at 3ft. If I was one room over I wouldn't be able to connect at all because the signal strength would be too low. So if the antenna was disconnected from the wifi adapter in your T100 it is unlikely you'd have any signal at all more than a few feet away from your wifi router.



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