Here is my problem. My tablet does not connect with my Garmin GPS.

I'm running 8.1 and have installed all of the latest updates and drivers. The USB hub works with all other devices except my Garmin 2597. My wife's garmin gps works fine, it is a different model. My 2597 works fine in all other PCs that I have tested. I have updated all of the GPS drivers.

I went through the ASUS support and installed the drivers that were recommended, not different. It was then recommended that I re-install windows which I did. Again no change.

So the tablet works with all other devices including another Garmin, but a different model. My Garmin works fine with every other PC including one of my kids Asus vivotab running 8.1

Prior to following the ASUS support changes the device manager would after about 1 minutes display a USB device with a yellow error symbol next to it. When I looked at the error message it said something about "reset failed". Since the changes and the reinstall of win 8 it shows nothing.

The GPS has two modes, mass storage and MTP. It makes no difference.

Any ideas?