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Thread: Return to previous BIOS version

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    Return to previous BIOS version

    Hi guys,
    I have following issue with my T100.
    I flashed to BIOS 307. No problem there, everything went fine, but the hardware WIN button wasn´t functional anymore. So, I decided to go back to previous version (something like BIOS 227, if I remember correctly). I run Winflash with /nodate parameter. After the first restart within flashing process my T100 doesn´t boot up anymore. In fact, I have a strong feeling, that its restarting over and over again, because he led near the camera is blinking in regular intervals. I tried every possible configuration of HW buttons (both undocked and docked), but nothing helps.

    Any suggestions or ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The reality is that ASUS has released other code, drivers, etc. on many occasions along with the actual BIOS files themselves.

    Having upgraded every single BIOS version here since the original last November in sequence (no back and forth)...and having no issues installing or operating with any of them (OK..there was one late last year out there for a week that had a few hiccups, but other than that one...) - I contend that messing with BIOS version other than installing them in sequence when they are released has the potential to just hose up your T100.

    Since I've created, monitored and participated in numerous BIOS version threads since the T100 came out late last year...nearly all of the reports of BIOS problems came from either improperly installed BIOS versions or else users who "hopped around" versions for installs.

    The simple process to do the installs as they are released (in sequence) seems to result in the least or no problems (me included) - and numerous posters over the past 8 months have confirmed this.

    Bottom line - don't mess with your BIOS other than doing an update as they are released. In addition, updates of other system files released at the same date as the BIOS are critical as well. Failing to follow this process chronologically could result in all sorts of short-term or long-term issues with your T100.

    Remember, the BIOS updates themselves have been accompanied with parallel updates/additions to other "keeping straight" what files go with what BIOS is a major and daunting chore...and can lead to missing files needed for the BIOS to operate properly.
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