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    hi, im sure this is a very popular question, but i got my t100 (32gb version) 2 days ago and was a little disappointed to see that i probably only got about 1/3 of the advertised storage space free. i read on another thread that there is a rom/eprom that stores the backup/recovery to the system on it, can i assume that this is seperate to the main HDD?

    ive not really installed anything significant yet, but noticed that there are a few things taking huge chunks of the memory and im wondering which are quire and which can be moved safely.

    hiberfil.sys - i noticed in the power settings that the defaults are all set to sleep... 1.5gb

    pagefile.sys - pretty sure this cant be tinkered with to much, currently -1.1gb

    windows folder - i recall seeing a thread saying some folders can be compressed, does anyone know which, and what the impacts of this would be - 12.8gb

    program data/MS office - i saw that this came with office 2013 student/home, ive not fired this up at all and worst case i could live without it, but does the backup/recovery partition thingy also recover this folder, if not is there a safe way to relocate the installer/folder to SD for storage? its currently 2gb

    program files/ microsoft shared - seems to be another office related folder taking up another 400mb or so?

    I have already bought a 64gb micro sd card which should cover off any storage requirements offline, however the reason for my concern is that i have visual studio 2013 i want to install but that is going to take 7.5gb to install, which will leave me left with something pathetic like 3-4gb.

    any ideas ?

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    This was posted under TF101 - moving to T100

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