Thanks, I had no problem getting to the BIOS menu and changing the boot preferences from Windows boot manager to USB. It was very easy. Unfortunately, it did nothing to resolve the problem. A tier one support rep tried to walk me through updating the BIOS via instant messging. He lost his nerve when the t100 BIOS menu options did not match his scripted support responses and I mentioned I wanted to avoid bricking the device. At that point he asked if it would be ok to set up an RMA and I relented out of fatigue. It looks like the BIOS upgrade cleared the problem for at least a few others. Anyway, I am in RMA land now. I am going to open a thread about RMA experiences in North America to see whether I can expect my PC back before Christmas. The rep told me it would be 5 to 7 business days from time of receipt if there were no "special problems."

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I created the Boot Drive on a 64 bit Desktop, so in my case that did work !

But once you have the Boot Drive you need to F2 on startup (be quick !) and change the boot drive to the USB drive, otherwise it will not work. This is important, does not sound as if you did this.

My T100 is 100% now, after Asus offered to RMA it - there was nothing wrong with the hardware.

IMO 99.5% of the issues are software problems.