No issues returning my 32GB to Office Depot. I told the manager who did the return that there was nothing wrong with it and that the reason I was returning it was because I got a 64GB model for $299 shipped. I apologized for having to return it and told her that I wiped it back to stock. She thanked me for resetting it to stock and said for that price she would have done the same thing. Said she didn't blame me one bit.

When I completed my order on Amazon I forgot to look to see if I could upgrade to next day shipping (some times it's really cheap - some times not) so I did an live chat and the gal at Amazon upgraded me to next day for free! I already have my shipment conformation e-mail showing I will get it tomorrow! Double the memory (after I blow away the recovery partition) for $10 less - Happy Birthday to me!!! (no really - my birthday is Black Friday)