New - seems right thread - so in summary - if i buy a replacement motherboard for a T100Ta - does anyone know if i will have problems installing windows 8 or 8.1 straight onto the emmc hardrive .
The reason i ask is i dont know much about these tablets - seems they came preinstalled with windows - and people can only restore them to factory settings - but the one i got from a recycling bin was bricked - tried everything to format it to wipe the partition - even sergio Russian hacker software - ha ha most dangerous CD i ever got - but any partition software seemed to go through the motions but when restarted back to square one - also diskpart would NOT take any commands - all partitions there , listed as healthy , couldn't do anything with them - UEFI locked ? bitlocker? dont know - obviously i got into bios easy enough and boot from usb and disabled secure boot etc - but seemed like asus just locked out any access to messing with the HD at all .
So eventually i used my hot air and pulled the chip off ( nothing to loose) and then it allowed me to boot fro a wintogo USB - but painfully slow i mean 5mins to respond to anything - no drivers loaded etc - so thats no use - so i bought a 64gb emmc matching chip - thinking i could reflow it on and u guessed it - i stuffed it up .
So i thinking of buying a replacement mobo from aliexpress about $25usd for a 32gb - but when im asking them "has the HD been wiped - no asus factory reset partitions etc - and can i just reinstall windows onto it" . There answers are confusing to say the least - no english - so is anyone here aware of if you replace the mobo can u just install a windows operating system onto it without all the UEFI bios bitlocker security stopping it