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    "New" owner of a Tf 100t. Issues obviously.

    TF100t/32gb/2gb Ram/Windows 8.1.....I have SOOOOO many questions, please bear with me.

    A few years back, I buy my wife a brand new Tf 100t. It worked great for her. About a month ago, my daughter accidently tossed it to the floor. It was my wifes fault for hiding it under a blanket that was taking up the entire my daughter being young just pushed the blanked (and notebook) off the couch. It broke the screen, and I refused to buy another laptop. It was totally moronic to leave a laptop on a couch under a blanket. This is one of 2 computers she has for her home business. She found that her business makes enough to justify a laptop, so she bought another tf100.

    So I got the gift of a broke Tf100.

    I replaced the digitizer, which was the only broken part. The screen is perfect, but it now acts like something is touching it randomly. I had to disable the touch pad via the start menu. Now I have a very small laptop.

    This is my first issue. Has anyone replaced a digitizer, and experienced anything like this and if so how did you resolve it.

    The second issue: Playstation Emulation.

    I am not looking to enjoy something I do not own. I am a proud owner of multiple playstations, and a whole slew of games. I cannot get any PSX emulation working....I came close with EPSXe while working with various video plugins.

    Also, wondering if others use their TF as I am intending and what software/settings worked for you.

    The 3rd and final issue.

    The keyboard sucks. I hate it. I noticed that there are connectors that replace the keyboard dock with a pair of USB ports instead. I would much rather prefer that over the single USB3 port on their really tiny keyboard....I can get bluetooth keyboard/mouse.

    4th issue (I lied about the 3rd being the final one)

    Ethernet connectors. I would love to have this hardwired to my network to use as a steam box. Is USB to Ethernet adapter the only way I guess....and does it work well enough to stream via my Desktop?

    5th issue: Windows 7. Is it a pipe dream to want to install it on this PC? Is there a better piece of software than 8.1 for these pads?

    I am new here, and new to Laptops but I am a very long term ASUS "fanboy". I only buy Asus Mobo for pc. Their support is amazing.

    Thanks all for being here, and reading my post. I do appreciate the time you take even if you may not have the answers and again Thanks-


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    Welcome Whippy

    Now I don't want to appear sarcastic or 'heavy', but it may well come over that way.
    If you took a fraction of the time it took you to type all that, you could have found out the answers to most if not all of your questions by following our cardinal rule here - you'll notice it in my signature - it is searching first.

    Use the search link in my signature and you will find out what you need to know.
    • We have a full thread on screen replacement
    • Windows 7 is a no - and has been since day 1 - that is covered in our T100 FAQ...
    • Gaming and emulators are covered ad nauseum in an entire sub forum on the subject...
    • You won't find many Asus 'fanboys' here... most members buy into the products covered here because of their form factor and inventiveness...

    Please search, find the threads concerned and then post subsidiary questions in those threads.

    If and when you cannot find anything relevant to a question you have, then and only then, please start another new thread as this one is being closed.

    PLEASE Search for existing threads before posting a new one. Thanks.

    Your opinion matters. But should you disagree - please try not to be disagreeable

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    Adobe Flash Player & Browser Guide here

    Master Help Guide - here ~~ FAQ malware - here ~~ FAQ e-reading - here
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