While visiting home I recently stumbled across my sister's old T100TA that was not working, and have undertaken the task of trying to resurrect it from the dead if possible, as these types of things are fun little projects for me. I'm certainly no electronics expert per se, and certainly not a tablet expert, but I've dabbled around building PC's and laptops before and replaced various hardware pieces.

I do not know where the tablet was purchased or when. I do not know what initially caused the device to not function properly. I tried contacting my sister to get this information but she is somewhat off the grid, so to speak. She's definitely not very computer savvy, so I'm assuming the unit still has the original Windows 8.1, but I have no clue about what updates she did or what version BIOS she has running. From reading these forums a bit - it seems that having the most current BIOS seems pretty important.

So now the fun part. I go to turn the unit on after charging overnight(white light next to power button was on in the AM, so full battery charge) and am presented with the backlight turning on, but nothing else happening. From what I've read online and seen in videos of the boot process, is that after pressing the power button a white light should turn on next to the camera, followed by the ASUS logo on the screen shortly thereafter, and then the actual boot process to Windows beginning. I popped open the case and took a look at the internals - all connections seemed OK to me. The only connection I didn't actually check was the screen itself as I didn't remove the battery at the time - but since the backlight is coming on I'm assuming that the connection is good since it's drawing power when turned "on".

I tried all of the button holding techniques (except for the Power Button+Volume Up for 30 secs to get out of coma mode - looking on the board the button controlling that seems to be broken off and I haven't figured a good way to activate it since I'm no board expert). None of these had any effect on the system.

I tried getting into the BIOS while turning it on - nothing. This, coupled with the fact that the white light next to the camera does not even turn on, to me is a little alarming - and my first guess would be a motherboard issue with the unit since it seems it can't even begin the boot process.

If this is the case, I'll most likely order a new board and attempt to install since they're relatively cheap compared to a new unit. However, I'd like to be sure that this is truly the issue before I go out and buy pretty much the most expensive replacement part available.

On that note - does anyone here have any suggestions as how how to verify that my problem is actually with the motherboard itself? Or possibly any other suggestions of things to check/verify that might help me identify the source of the issue? Any and all help would be most appreciated - thank you all in advance.