HELLO! And thanks for having me. I'll try to be brief.
I need to run Streets and Trips 2013 in a car, with a gps unit (usb or serial, I've got that part covered). I have been using a Panasonic Toughbook for 6 years, which has been awesome, but it's an older model and with the dock it's 25lbs in my luggage when I fly.
I tried a (2 actually) Flexx 10.1, and it was awesome! Until Win10 had a licensing issue with S&T. The problem gets slipstreamed into the recovery image, MS doesn't have an "updated tool" to fix it, and it won't boot from USB so I can't just clean install windows, so....no way to fix it.

So I need a tablet
10" ish touchscreen
charges from 5v usb
usb ports on the tablet (not just on kb); I have OTG adapters
BT and HDMI a plus
boots from usb, natively from UEFI/Bios and not a stupid win applet (so I can clean install what I want on demand)
run win8.1 and/or linux (I don't want 10. I'm going to strip down 8.1 to what I want and keep out all the MS spyware/monitoring)

Looks like a Transformer fits the bill, no? I was looking at a T100TAF-B11-GR

Is there an internal com, usb, or mpcie available for hacking? I would like to add gps internally, but I can just use a usb dongle external, if I have to.

Thank you for taking time with another noob!