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    Unhappy T100TA reset but will not boot after shutting down

    I was preparing to install Windows 10 on my T100TA and I decided to first reset Windows 8.1 to factory defaults in order to gain space on the hard drive to permit the upgrade.

    However, after doing this, the computer when restarted will freeze after the ASUS logo screen. I can turn it off by depressing the power button for some time. After doing this a couple of times, the computer will try to repair itself with no success and I'm forced to reset Windows yet again. I've done this at least five times.

    The computer works fine until it is shut down. It was working well prior to this as well.

    I also upgraded the BIOS to 303 as suggested by ASUS updater. That did not appear to make any difference at all.

    I love the computer but at this point it is useless given that I continue to have to reset it.

    Any ideas? I've also run scan check and it finds no errors.

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    Can anyone offer assistance? Problem also occurs after a restart. I notice the screen is black but sometimes the wifi bars will flash on the left side of the screen (not in the right normal location). If you touch the screen, sometimes there the cursor will show with a blue spinning circle. CTL ALT DELETE does nothing.

    Please help, this is driving me nuts.

    I thought it was working ok so I began installing programs and the next restart, back to the same.

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    I'm no current Windows expert, but my advice would be to wipe it, and do a fresh clean install of Windows from external media. You download the drivers required directly from Asus.

    We have guide threads here on the process.

    PLEASE Search for existing threads before posting a new one. Thanks.

    Your opinion matters. But should you disagree - please try not to be disagreeable

    Forum guide - here ~~ T100 FAQs - here ~~ Cold boot - here

    Adobe Flash Player & Browser Guide here

    Master Help Guide - here ~~ FAQ malware - here ~~ FAQ e-reading - here
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    Quote Originally Posted by ludeke View Post
    ...I also upgraded the BIOS to 303 as suggested by ASUS updater...
    303 is an old BIOS (2014/03/18), it was superceded by 304, 307, 313, 314.
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    Why have you waited to install Win10 now? The upgrade offer expired 6 months ago and is no longer free.
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