Hiyas, Ive had a T100H (not HA) dropped in to the shop today not starting and the customer is desperately needing to get homework off it.

Basically unit appears to be charging fine, have tried a battery from another working unit. Have swapped over all boards to cancel out faulty lcd, touch/pwr button board etc.

Holding Power will eventually cause it to flash white quickly 4 times and go back to orange. Have tried holding combinations of volume up and down along with power with little luck.

Im leaning towards a corrupt bios/firmware but cant see how to correctly trigger it to read a usb with a .bin file on it. I've done it years ago with an older TF and followed the guide posted on these forums without success.

Questions I hope someone can answer..

Is there a different procedure for the 100H / HA to do this bios flash?
What does the flashing white 4 times signify ? ive seen the working unit do this immediately before booting fine.

Any help would be appreciated!