Hi guys, Clueless McNewbie here. Hoping you can help me with some advice before I purchase the new ASUS Chromebit CS10 [big $85 investment I know :-) ]

I have the T100TA and it has been my perfect travel companion for some time. I am now getting interested in using the new Chromebit CS10 in my road warrior kit. This should give me the option to use the hotel TVs as monitors and all I need is a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. However, better still for me I think, would be to use remote desktop on the Chromebit and connect via my T100TA. Anyone know if Chromebit supports RDP ?

As an alternative plan I could ditch the T100TA keyboard and replace it with a bluetooth keyboard (with trackpad?) and mouse. Then these bluetooth devices could be used with the Chromebit as well as the T100TA. Any thoughts and/or recommendations on this ?
...BTW, I know that if I ditch the asus keyboard then I would lose the ability to use it as a stand to properly hold the tablet. I have not figured out how much weight the asus keyboard adds to the T100TA but maybe there is a 10 inch bluetooth keyboard out there that would be lighter??

Thanks in advance for any insights and recommendations you can provide.