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    TA100HA USB3.0 controller?

    Could anyone please tell me what USB 3.0 controller the T100HA uses?
    I gather TA(F/M) used some dodgy controllers that couldn't sustain 5Gbps speed...
    I'm asking because a Kinect v2 device seems to be picky about USB controllers, or has any1 made it work with their T100, or got it to show its compatible using the Kinect Configuration Verifier tool. (which can be downloaded from Microsoft's website and run even without the sensor device)
    Thanks in advance
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    Quote Originally Posted by gajo View Post
    Could anyone please tell me what USB 3.0 controller the T100HA uses?.........
    The T100HA has the USB-C, USB2.0 and the microSD controllers by Intel, integrated into the Atom chip (some possibly shared via a hub), along with audio and video, plus some memory cache.(System on chip -- SoC)

    Some older Atom chips had a controller timing defect that made microSD cards problematic--some worked, some didn't work at all and some worked part of the time. There is 43 page thread on this forum with all the gory details.

    Port speeds on the T100HA vary widely, see below as I experimented with performance improvements.Speedtest1.jpg I will be writing a long post about this table in the future--but note that the new port on this model, USB-C, is much faster than the USB3.0. i don't think there should be such a difference. I am going to research it.

    Correction edit. The table lists the USB port in the keyboard as 3.0. Sorry this should be 2.0.
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    Unless they added a chip, the Cherry Trail supports only a single USB 3.0 connection with its built in controller and that is apparently being used by the USB C port...

    Overall, this is a design limit of tablets as they're generally designed to support only one of each port type by default... So, unless they hub it, or add another secondary controller chip, then additional ports are normally limited to the USB 2, if the USB 3 is already being used by a given port...

    Generally, the USB 3.1 spec for USB-C doesn't make much difference right now because it's still USB 3.0 spec performance... You may see a reference to "Gen 1" and this is what it refers to as it's not the final spec for USB-C and may or may not support charging or any other enhanced features promised for USB-C, like Thunderbolt support...

    Though, at least the HA has USB 3 performance for the USB-C port... Speaking in general for the market, some other cheap products just use the form factor but it's really a 2.0 port, but those should eventually be phased out as the spec becomes more standard... Some may prefer having the USB 3 for the full size dock port but adapters are available for the USB-C and there are USB C specific devices you can get now as well that don't need adapters...



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