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"Is there any good alternative of IE in win8.1? Mozilla is not as smooth as IE in desktop mode for touch interface and Chrome is also OK. In Metro mode their apps are paid..."

Chrome can run in metro mode ("Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode" from menu, but Chrome must be set as the default browser for this option to appear). Not sure about Firefox. The paid apps for Chrome and Firefox do not appear to be official, and may well be fakes.

"i guess that's why retina devices have so much going for themselves."

Note that Retina is an Apple-only trademark for some of their products, not a standard measure of resolution. There are plenty of devices (including Windows 8 convertibles) that have higher resolutions than the T100 though, for those that need a higher resolution. For me, my Nexus 7 has one of the highest tablet resolutions and densities around, but I'm more productive on my T100
Paid versions of free browsers are ALWAYS fake!