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    Question [USB 3.0] Problem with external hdd

    i'm happy owner of t100 with 500gb hdd. However i discover some problems with USB port in keyboard. I have external 250gb hdd in case with usb 3.0 compatibility.
    However whenever i try to copy bigger files i suddenly hear single 'click' of external hdd and transfer stops. Sometime its in the middle of transfer file but mainly even before it start copy first MB!

    I have no problems with regular pendrives and same external hdd works perfect with my desktop pc thru usb 3.0 port.
    Is it problem with my asus? Or its problem with my external hdd?

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    My portable 1TB hdd is working properly!
    It may be due to some problems from software, OS,..

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    That sounds like you may have a HD problem. That click you mentioned doesn't sound good. Have you tried a disk check on it.

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    Other possibility is that the drive is trying to pull too much power from the USB3 port and the click is the head crashing as it power off.

    At any rate a "click" does not sound like a healthy thing.

    I do have a mild issue with my USB3 HDD where it occasionally doesn't detect the drive unless I undock and redock my tablet (maybe 1 in 4 times). On rare occasions it requires a reboot to detect it (maybe 1 in 10 times). It used to be much more common (like 2 in 3 and 1 in 4 respectively), but I am guessing maybe a SOC driver update helped to fix it.



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