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Thread: 227 BIOS is up

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    Quote Originally Posted by rscheller View Post
    @SocialCarpet... I know what you're saying but I humbly have to sort of disagree with your advice. I would say it would depend on the BIOS the unit comes with. 214 had a bad track record and 216 was pulled. I'd say you want to be up to at least 220 and 226 would be better. Again IMHO.
    AFAIK the T100's on sale now come out of the box with at least 220 installed, I could be wrong though.

    I bought mine on day one and it had 214, which I never had any problems with. I waited a bit to see what happened with 220 and finally installed it and I've had no problems with it either.

    Personally I wouldn't feel any urgency to update it unless it came out of the box with a ROM known to be problematic, like 216, but I haven't heard of anyone yet who has bought a new T100 that shipped with 216 installed.

    Again, I'm not suggesting that people don't update their BIOS, simply that they be cautious and prudent about it. We all have varying degrees of computer tech ability.

    I think we need to be careful not to give every new user the impression that they should be downloading and installing every new BIOS update the moment it comes out. That's fine for the early adopter guys who have no problem troubleshooting all their own computer issues, but it can, and has, resulted in average/novice users needlessly bricking their new machines and then having no recourse but to deal with ASUS' notorious RMA process. There's no reason for that to happen.

    That's really the only point I was trying to drive home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bgeery View Post
    Just updated to 227 from 226. One change I noticed right away-- With 226, the brightness setting shown in the UI was correct, but it was really at full brightness. I'd have to use the Fn+F5/6 hot keys to to raise then lower the brightness after every reboot. This is now fixed. The correct brightness setting (and actual brightness) now sticks between shutdowns and reboots.

    EDIT: Hmm. My brightness seems to be back at full brightness after a shutdown/reboot, again requiring an adjustment every time. Oh well.
    my t100 has the same tic where the brightness bar doesn't match the actual skin brightness and you have to drag that bar across to refresh it. thought i was the only one. am on bios 2.25.


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