Hi guys - not sure if this is common knowledge but you can order the 500Gb HDisk version T100TA-DK005H through Amazon UK, or at least I managed to anyway. Here is the link:
I ordered it on Feb 22nd, 325 including delivery (super saver). It arrived 6 days later and appears to be a spanish model (judging from the keyboard layout), all works fine so far and was cheaper than getting the uk model plus it has the hard disk! The only downside is the spanish keyboard layout (@ sign etc in different place) and charger (buy a uk plug adapter for 3) so no problem really. I'm not sure how much I'll actually use the hard disk as I also bought a 64gb SD card but it's nice to have. I notice that it now shows as unavailable on Amazon so not sure if they will have any more on at that price but it's worth keeping an eye out..07.png