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    Question T100 WIFI Degraded to No End - Factory Restore

    I've seen some issues and have experienced them myself with the T100 WIFI, but nothing a driver uninstall/reinstall wouldn't fix. Until now.

    After a month of usage my WIFI has crapped out, it connects to networks just fine and can run a constant ping stream to the router at a good latency <= 50ms (ping 192.168.1.X -t), but once throughput starts happening, i.e. opening chrome or IE, or doing a speed test, latency spikes to 1000-2000+ms and it grinds to a halt. I'd be lucky to get .02Mb/Sec down.

    I tried old and new .168 and .187 driver, unsintall reinstall of WNIC, disable/enable WNIC, no luck. Everything is fine on wired LAN via USB. I tried multiple routers and different devices only my T100 WIFI was acting up.

    The only way I was able to get it back to normal and pull down 16MB/Sec without affecting ping latency was to do a factory restore, windows updates, and latest .187 driver. Now I'm wondering if this is just a matter of time again? This WIFI flakiness seems to be a familiar story for me but since I can always get it to work somehow it makes me think it's not a hardware issue.

    Has anyone else seen this where the WIFI degrades or slows down? Are you seeing any latency spikes to your local gateway when doing heavy throughput?

    I'm on 2.20 BIOS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brentvw View Post
    Has anyone else seen this where the WIFI degrades or slows down? Are you seeing any latency spikes to your local gateway when doing heavy throughput?

    I'm on 2.20 BIOS.
    On the same BIOS.

    After 3 weeks or running with WIFI turned on 90% of the time...I have not seen any downturn in performance. I run 2 different Network speed tests weekly, just to see how things perform...and it's consistent there as well.

    You might have something else going on there....perhaps try "disconnecting and forgetting" the WIFI connection, and then re-establish it again to see if things get cleaned up.
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    Just to chime in, I have a very similar situation. Got a T100 in December. Ran fine, no wifi or batt issues like many are seeing. Kid drops it and cracks screen. I registered it for the ADP, so I send it back, and they have it back to me in less than a week with a new screen. Best as I can tell it's the same hardware as the serial number stickers on both base and tablet edge are still the same (tehy are stickers, I guess they could have transfered/cloned ser#, but that just seems like more of a hassle than its worth).

    Getting it back, it appears to have had a factory reset done. So i go through the process of reactivatiing, re-updating, capying back over the backed up data, etc. Then, before I've pushed any ASUS updates (just windows updates at this point), I start having Wifi issues. Router pings in the 500-2000ms range, >25% dropped packets, etc. Figure router was hosed, but I reset, disconnect everything, and add back one at a time. Sure enough, router is fine until i add the T100. As soon as I do, anything connected to the router starts lagging (200-2000ms). I disconnect the T100, and everything is back to <1-2ms pings. If I leave the T100 on the router, memory utilization creeps up slowly over time (46% on reboot to 98%+ after a number of hours. nothing like that without T100)

    So i go though getting the new ASUS Wifi drivers, the BIOS updates, etc. Nothing fixes it. I play with the Power, WMM, 20/40 settings, etc. on T100 and router. no combination seems to matter. Sometimes, pings will be in the 5ms range right after reconnect, and other computers stay at <1ms. then, as soon as I start a download, or page load, it spikes to >500ms, and other computers on wifi see the same. One wired PC on the router never sees any issues.

    About to do a factory reset. no idea what would have made this happen if hardware's the same and I had no issues at all with wifi when I first got it. Other devices having no issues, and took it elsewhere and it did the same thing on another router. Quite frustrating.

    EDIT: factory restore did nothing. same behavior. something happened when it went to asus and came back. gonna try to RMA it again. been through every wifi related page on this site, can't think of anything else to do.
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