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    :cool: Gaming on the T100 Capabilities

    Picked up one of these T100's and I must say I am fairly impressed. I've seen people playing fallout 3 on these little puppies with no problem. So far I have Steam installed and I've been playing Counter Strike: Source with, awesomely, no problems at 50-55 FPS. BUT! I want to mention I downloaded Halo1 via USB and the first time I was playing it, the asus crashed and a blue screen with a ); came up and said it had to restart, which kind of freaked me out. Needless to say it booted right back up... And I played some more Halo. It only did it once. I figured if it can run fallout 3 and counterstrike it should damn well be able to run halo1. and that is why I am making this forum. What has your experience been with the gaming capabilities of the T100?

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    A few threads covering it already

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    Since we have a good thread on this topic, and the OP poster has been directed toward the other one, this one will be closed.
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