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    Windows 8.1 "Sleep" function

    How are you guys finding the sleep function of Windows 8.1/this tablet? It's a bit of a mixed bag for me so far.

    I have pretty much left my power settings as they come, but I've changed the time before the device sleeps on both battery and power cable by +10 mins or so each. Yesterday I had the table at work with me and in it's dock all day. It sat closed for the majority of the time, yet every time I opened the lid the screen would light back up instantly which suggested to me it wasn't actually sleeping at all. I left it overnight (not plugged in) and again this morning, I lifted the lid and it was awake. I checked the charge and it was below 50% so I figured I'd give it a quick hour before I left for work again, and when I came back to pick it up before leaving it had gone into some kind of sleep/deep sleep/hibernate mode and I couldn't wake it up with a simple press of the power button. I had to hold it down and essentially power the unit off. It stayed off for a good few presses of the power button too which initially concerned me, until it came back to life and booted up to a fresh desktop which says to me that I did indeed power it off completely.

    What is the behaviour supposed to be in these 'sleep' states? How is the T100 meant to be woken from such a state - is it not just by pressing the power button?

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    Yes, the power button to wake but having it wake up in a second or less is normal. It should rarely take longer... the sleep/suspend is usually tied to the screen turning off as well...

    Having it become unresponsive seems to be a crash issue, not sure what causes it but seems to be random... may be a issue with FW or drivers...



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