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    Serious Wifi Issues

    I'm having some serious wifi issues. The 'quality' of the wifi seems good enough - when it can connect. Here are my problems:

    - How the heck do I get to the Wireless Network Properties? In Windows 8, you just right click a network and go to "view connection properties". I cannot right click any of the networks on my T100. I did some googling and maybe this was a Windows 8.1 change? Either way, it seems like the only way to even view the properties is to go to (right swipe) > Settings > Change PC settings > Network > Select the network you are currently connected to. This is so many extra steps and on top of that, it appears to be view only. I can't actually change anything. The worst part though is that I can literally only select my currently connected network. This is a huge issue since I cannot connect to my company's private wireless without changing some settings that I currently cannot get to. The below screenshot shows what I'm trying to get to. It's from my Windows 8 laptop. I cannot for the life of me find this on the T100. Is it Windows 8.1? Can anyone else right click a network and get to the properties?

    - My next biggest issue is related to networks that require a login (usually by launching a browser). So based on my previous issue, I can't connect to my company's private wifi. Fine, I'll connect to the guest wireless which doesn't require any additional setup. It does however require the browser login. This network is also not ideal as it's slower than the private wireless and I also can't connect to the share drive etc., but I digress. Anyway, after connecting successfully and logging in, everything is fine until I come back later after the T100 has presumably gone to sleep. The network loses internet - fine, I guess I'll have to reconnect and re-login in the browser (this isn't new, I had to do this on my phone too before I got the private wireless set up on it). After I reconnect - it refuses to launch the browser login. I cannot get the browser login page to launch now. It just keeps saying I don't have internet and stops there. I have to literally restart the T100 to get the browser login page to launch again. This is extremely aggravating. I got the T100 to use specifically at work when I'm away from my desk. Currently, it just cannot serve that function at all.

    - Lastly, there's just some intermittent wifi failures. I'm sitting right now at home typing this on my desktop because my T100 has "limited connectivity". My phone, desktop (wireless PCI-E card), laptop, and my roommate's laptop are all fine. I've had to restart this thing more times than my desktop and laptop combined in the past year.

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    Winkey + S then type ncpa.cpl and hit enter is faster... Some settings has been moved to PC settings under the Modern UI...

    Or just go to Command Prompt... Apparently, MS thinks if you need to go into advance then you can go to CP and don't need a GUI...

    Manage wireless network profiles - Microsoft Windows Help

    Windows 8 - Manage Wireless Networks?

    For connectivity, check this link...

    Fix: Limited WiFi connection problem in Windows 8.1



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