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    World of Tanks/Warships

    World of Tanks
    World of Warships

    These 2 games are run by
    They are playable (set graphics at lowest settings), but not (as far as I can tell) touchscreen capable.
    Both games run fairly well with acceptable FPS
    Ping is king and thats where gaming hurts.

    I live in the sticks thus unable to get internet/TV at home, but if I use my phone as a hotspot, I cannot play WoT as ping is much too high.
    Which is weird, WoT is a older game, WoWs is pretty new and I can play it.
    an hour of gaming uses about 20mb of data.

    BTW, cell service is also pretty spotty (another con for living in the sticks) and I typically get 1 bar.

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    Try the Android version.
    Just install Android and get WoT Blitz, with maxed out settings it runs at 40+ fps



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